EMC tests

Electromagnetic compatibility test

There is a danger of electromagnetic interference in many areas. Therefore, the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility are very high. In many industries the 2014/30/EU and ECE R10 directives, among others, must be fulfilled.

Whether as a technical service during the type approval procedure (KBA) or as a strategic partner during product development, DEKRA accompanies you through all EMC measures. As an accredited laboratory (DIN EN ISO 17025), DEKRA can also support you in product validation.

The DEKRA EMC Centre covers all processes of German, European and worldwide automotive specifications.

At its Stuttgart location, DEKRA carries out the following tests, e.g.

  • High-voltage components up to 1000 V, 150 kW, 300 A and all 12 V - 48 V components in the automotive sector
  • E-Micro Mobility Vehicles (e.g. E-Bikes, E-Scooters and Hoverboards)
  • Products from the industrial and the medical sector

The test environment in the EMV Centre in Stuttgart offers:

  • Immunity antenna 20 MHz - 6 GHz at 30 V/m, 200 V/m resp. 600 V/m
  • Equipment for HV-tests according to 7637-4 (2019), LV123
  • Interference emission 1 Hz - 6 GHz with antenna, LISN, current clamp, stripline, magnetic field coil (Helmholtz and hand coil), field probe using the FFT or scan method
  • BCI 0.1MHz - 1 GHz, 300mA
  • Pulse acc. to 7637-2, -3 burst up to 5.5 kV, surge up to 5 kV, EFT, el. switch
  • ESD up to 30 kV

DEKRA, we ensure safety!



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