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Dekra Testing and Certification GmbH with its sites in Stuttgart and Dresden looks after customers from all areas.
The DTCG site in Stuttgart is located at der Handwerkstr. 15 and serves customers from mechanical and electrical engineering, medical devices, furniture and toys. The Dresden site at Enderstr. 92b accommodates the laboratory and testing facilities for electrical equipment and appliances, medical devices and lamps as well as the certification body.

In the Carl-Beyling-Haus in Bochum does not only accommodate the certification body and the administration – here you can also find our laboratories and facilities for explosion protection/plant safety as well as for explosion protection/electro-technology. The test laboratories for machine and component safety are located in building 1.
Essen accommodates the laboratories and testing facilities for gas detectors and respiratory protective equipment.

Location Stuttgart

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Handwerkstrasse 15
70565 Stuttgart, Germany

Phone +49.711.7861-3454
Fax +49.711.7861-3480

Location Dresden

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Enderstrasse 92b
01277 Dresden, Germany

Phone +49.351.21181-410
Fax +49.351.21181-411

Location Bochum

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Dinnendahlstrasse 9
44809 Bochum, Germany

Phone +49.234.3696-0
Telefax +49.234.3696-111

Location Essen

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Adlerstrasse 29
45307 Essen, Germany

Phone +49.201.52319-0
Telefax +49.201.52319-401

Rope Testing Facility Seilfahrt

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Seilfahrt 101
44809 Bochum, Germany

Phone +49.234.89399387

Location Munich

DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 13b
85521 Ottobrunn, Germany

Phone +49.89.93 96 08 - 650
Fax +49.234.3696-150