Testing mechanical safety

Test of mechanical load and usability

A safe functionality and use of many products of daily life, whether in housework or leisure time, depend on their mechanical safety. The most frequent hazards are contusions, cuts due to sharp edges, falling and tripping. On the one hand, DEKRA examines whether the products withstand the mechanical load during intended use; on the other hand, we test whether the product’s construction allows a safe and hazard-free use. This contains explicitly the testing of safety and warning labels and the entire user documentation explicitly.

As a partner for safety we also support our customers for researching relevant standards and directives and when compiling the technical documentation including a hazard assessment where necessary. We will also help you finding solutions considering the interpretation of standards.

The following product types are in focus particularly::

  • ladders and steps
  • access to machine plants and systems
  • scaffolds and lifting platforms
  • storage racks + furniture and goods display systems
  • outdoor products (e.g. gazebo, charcoal grills etc.)
  • • playground equipment
  • sport equipment including that for gyms
  • lifting jacks and trestles

Our testing laboratory in Stuttgart has been certified by DAkks and ZLS and therefore enables us to perform safety tests that can be used provide a basis for obtaining the DEKRA mark or the GS seal for your products.

We test and certify according to the following standards (list non-exhaustive):

EN 131, EN 14183, EN 14122, DIN 18799, EN 1004, EN 12811, EN 20947 / EN 957, EN 14619, DIN 32935, EN 913, EN 914, EN 915, EN 1270, EN 1271, EN 748, EN 749, EN 750, EN 1860, EN 1493, DGUV-108-007 (BGR 234), EN 1494

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