Testing toys and child-care products

For carefree and safe play and fun

International testing services ensuring the safety and marketability of toys.

Today, the manufacturing and supply of toys are subject to strict regulations.

In Europe, there is the Toys Directive 2009/48/EC which prescribes an extensive hazard analysis that is to be done by the manufacturer as part of their technical documentation. This hazard analysis ranges from mechanical to hygienic hazards and has to consider foreseeable misuse in addition to the intended use of toys, too. Whether the toys are made of metal, plastic or wood, whether they are manual or electronic toys – DEKRA is an accredited provider of testing services for internationally acknowledged testing labels and marks, and we are known for our swift order processing.

DEKRA helps you to achieve dual safety – both for your products and your company. DEKRA guides you through the maze of global laws, directives and standards. In Europe and Asia, we also offer services concerning quality and performance and health and safety.

Service range

  • testing and certifying of toys and play equipment
  • testing playground equipment
  • testing articles intended for babies and toddlers
  • analysing harmful substances

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