Functional safety

EC-Type examination and certification - Testing of functional safety as part of the EC-Type examination

The safe operation of equipment depends today more and more on the safety of hardware, software and the management system. Therefore the functional safety is always an important pillar for the overall safety and thus a necessarily important part of our conformity assessment process. Thus, also in the course of our work in testing and certification according to the EC Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive), PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive). Testing the functional safety of the following items is part of our designation as a notified body of the EU with the identification number CE 0158 respectively as authorized body (ZÜS):

Examination of functional safety for obtaining a certificate

Independently of any necessary product certification, we test and certify the functional safety according to the above standards as part of our DAkkS accreditation. Fast, efficient and in constant dialogue with our customers and in addition also in the fields of

  • Safety sensors and safety control systems (IEC 61508, IEC 62061, IEC 61131-6)
  • Automotive / Road vehicles / Motorcycles (ISO 26262)
  • Machinery (ISO 13849)
  • Robots and robotic devices (ISO 10218)
  • Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry (ISO 25119 / DIN EN 16590)
  • Wind turbines (IEC 61400, DIBt Guideline, GL Guideline)
  • Gas detection system (EN 50402, EN 50271)
  • Fire protection, explosion prevention, plant protection and process industry (IEC 61511, ISO 80079-37, EN 50495, TRGS 725)
  • Industrial communication networks (IEC 61784-3)
  • Railway (EN 50128, EN 50129)
  • Self-contained re-breathing diving apparatus (EN 14143)
  • Electric tools (IEC 62841, IEC 60730)
  • Determination of safety-relevant parameters (SFF, DCavg, B10D, MTTFD, λD, …)
  • Weibull analysis (EN 61649)
  • Mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics

Of course, DEKRA EXAM also carries out partial certifications of individual safety functions such as for embedded systems of hard- or software.

Determination of safety-relevant parameters (SFF, B10D, MTTFD, λD, …)

Of course, DEKRA EXAM also carries out partial certifications of individual safety functions such as for embedded systems of hard- or software safety-relevant parameters. Here, the service ranges from the practical component testing and determine safety parameters for hydraulic, pneumatic and (electro-) mechanical components (B10D, MTTFD, and λD) to validation of the fundamental and proven safety principles set out in Annex A-D of EN ISO 13849-2 as far as validation and verification of fault exclusion. Furthermore, we offer statistical failure analysis such as Weibull and Chi2.

DEKRA EXAM, on the spot whenever it is needed!

DEKRA EXAM experts guide you through the entire safety lifecycle:

  • management of functional safety
  • analysis of the functional safety
  • concept
  • overall scope definition
  • hazard and risk analysis
  • overall safety requirements
  • overall safety requirements allocation
  • overall planning (operation and maintenance, safety validation, installation / commissioning)
  • other risk reduction measures
  • system safety requirements specification
  • verification and validation
  • operation / maintenance / repair
  • modification and retrofit
  • decommissioning / disposal

Voluntary type examination

Get a competitive advantage with a voluntary type examination by the confirmation of quality by a renowned, independent body. Our DEKRA seal is highly recognized and an important marketing tool.

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