Testing of electrical and household appliances

Testing of electrical safety and other safety aspects

Whether at work or at home, electronic and (alternatively in the private and professional sector) electrical appliances now dominate our lives. However, there should be no danger for the user. DEKRA creates safety not only on the road, but also at work and in the household, which is why we have focused our testing work on the safe functioning and use of electrical appliances. It is not for nothing that electrical appliances are subject to a wide variety of safety guidelines and regulations. DEKRA checks conformity with the relevant safety standards in accordance with EC directives such as the Low Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive and, more recently, the RED Directive. DEKRA also tests in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN 61010 (electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory),
  • EN 62368 (audio/video, information and communication technology equipment)

As a global partner for safety, DEKRA is of course certification body and testing laboratory in the worldwide IEC EE Scheme and does not leave its customers alone with country-specific international recognition procedures, such as NRTL approvals for North America.

DEKRA, we ensure safety!