Gas detectors

DEKRA is your competent partner for the test and certification of equipment for gas detectors. As European Notified Body no. 0158 we test and certify equipment with a measuring function for explosion protection considering to ATEX Directive2014/34/EU. Furthermore, we are also a certification body (ExCB) and test laboratory (ExTL) for electrical equipment and the measuring function of gas detectors within the global IECEx Scheme. In addition to that, we test and certify equipment for measuring oxygen and toxic gases as an recognised Body of the Professional Associations in Germany. We swiftly and competently determine whether your products are conform with the requirements at stake:

We are ready to carry out measurements and tests beyond the scope of type examinations as well.

Independent from manufacturers, we consult you on questions regarding the use of gas detectors, for example, the choice of suitable devices and their appropriate adjustment.