Vehicle hoists

Vehicle hoists are platforms used for lifting vehicles to allow maintenance and repair works to be performed at the side or bottom of the vehicle. The most typical models are single-post, two-post and four-post hoists.

The major hazards at vehicle hoists are the fall of the vehicle lifted, the unintended lowering of the loading means and people being stuck between the hoist and the floor.

Vehicle hoists are listed as machinery with a higher hazardous potential in Annex IV of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

We test and certify the following:

  • Vehicle lifting platforms according to EN 1493

Depending on the conformity assessment process chosen, the manufacturer’s documents will be inspected during the test and certification procedure as to whether they meet the requirements, i.e. essentially the following:

  • Test of specimen whether it complies with the technical documents provided
  • Test for conformity with harmonised standards
  • Test for risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Test for evidencing strength
  • Inspection of instruction manual
  • Inspection of documents evidencing CE

Since the new Directive 2006/42/EC has become effective, there is now the opportunity to describe the conformity of a machine mentioned in Annex IV as part of the extensive quality assurance process. See also: