Fall protection equipment (PPE)

Fall protection equipment (PPE)

There will be cases where the hazard of people falling will not be prevented by constructive measures; then, personal fall protection equipment has to be used. Such fall protection equipment has to comply with strict requirements of safety-relevant processes which are defined in PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for all of Europe. As your competent partner we carry out the mandatory type examinations, certifications and control of production. Our services enable you to supply products of high quality that comply with all safety-relevant processes and thus meet the legal requirements.

As the European Notified Body no. 0158 we test and certify the following products considering to the international regulations of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425:

  • Descender devices (EN 341)
  • Anchor devices (EN 795)
  • Full body harnesses (EN 361)
  • Belts for work positioning and restraint and work postioning lanyards (EN 358)
  • Sit harnesses (EN 813)
  • Energy absorbers (EN 355)
  • Retracable type fall arrester (EN 360)
  • Connectors (EN 362)
  • Guided type fall arrester including flexible anchor line (EN 353-2)
  • Rescue devices (EN 1496)
  • Guided type fall arrester including rigid anchor line (EN 353-1)
  • Lanyards (EN 354)

We are ready to carry out measurements and tests beyond the scope of type examinations as well.

Due to our longstanding experience we are able to devise and carry out practical testing methods for specific applications.

We also guide you on the development of safety concepts and offer to issue expert opinions on fall protection equipment and to investigate equipment that has been involved in accidents.