Test and certification of protective systems considering to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Measures of constructive explosion protection

When operating plants in potentially explosive atmospheres, even the implementation of preventive explosion protection measures are no safeguard to exclude explosion hazards. In such cases measures have to be taken to protect the equipment by construction: only then damage to plants and harm to people – two likely consequences of explosion incidents – may be avoided. Therefore, constructive explosion protection always has to include an explosion-proof design of the plant in combination with explosion protected decoupling.

Constructive explosion protection requires the use of so-called protective systems. Directive 2014/34/EU specifies the minimum requirements on such protective systems and the conformity assessment process to be applied before the equipment may be supplied within the EU.

Test and certification of protective systems considering to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

As the European Notified Body no. 0158 DEKRA tests and certifies protective systems considering to Directive 2014/34/EU. This means that we conduct all activities that have to be performed by the manufacturer as part of the conformity assessment process carried out by a notified body:

  • EC-type examination
  • Production Quality Assurance or Product Verification
  • Unit Verification

The most important part of the certification is the practical evidence of suitability by the explosion tests conducted.

The following list contains examples of protective systems, i.e. of constructive explosion protection. The test and certification of such facilities is another major focus of our business activities:

  • Systems for pressure relief, such as Explosion vents and rupture discs
  • Systems for suppressing explosions
  • Systems for explosion decoupling, such as
    - flameproof rotary feeders
    - quick-closing gate valves
    - explosion protection valves
    - extinguisher barriers
    - double-flap valves
    - swing-type check valves
    - relief pipes
    - squeeze valves

Explosion tests

At the testing premises in Kappelrodeck large-scale explosion tests can be carried out. Equipment to which Directive 2014/34/EU does apply (such as mills or filters) can be tested for their mechanical strength by causing gas or dust explosions. Likewise, protective systems (such as pressure relief systems, quick-closing valves, rotary feeders or extinguisher barriers) can be tested regarding their functionality and mechanical strength by submitting them to explosions. Test containers of volumes between 1 m³ and 60 m³ are available for conducting explosion tests.

Additional services complete our offer around constructive explosion protection:

  • Simulation and numeric modelling accompanying the explosion tests
  • Demonstration of tests on fire and explosion protection as part of seminars or training courses