Extensive process safety

Huge challenge for plant operators

Assessing the safety of their plants, including the processes executed and the substances used, provides a huge challenge for plant operators: legal requirements, restrictions resulting from approval, internal prerequisites and potential hazards concerning employees or the environment – all of the above force operators to act.
We at DEKRA EXAM consult you on these issues and utilise our large expertise for your benefit.

Services offered by DEKRA EXAM:

  • Devising systematic analysis (HAZOP or PAAG methods) including facilitation and consulting provided by experts in plant safety
  • Devising and inspecting safety statements and safety reports according to the Hazardous Incident Ordinance, e.g. when updating existing documentation or when applying for approval according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and the Building Regulations, respectively, or when applying for permission according to Regulations of Occupational Safety (BetrSichV).
  • Conducting risk analysis and risk assessment as required for plant safety (e.g. Zurich method)
  • Drafting safety concepts and assessing existing plants regarding the storage of hazardous substances and preparations
  • Statements on hazardous incidents and their impact including the calculation of how materials may spread in order to determine the areas at risk, e.g. health hazards or explosion hazards, as well as calculation of potential impact of fire or explosion incidents
  • Assessing the safety-relevant properties of materials and their reactions as well as their interactions
  • Consulting on safe design of chemical implementations whilst considering the properties and reactions of materials and taking into account all safety precautions required or reasonable
  • Our experts dealing with queries regarding legal aspects of Immission Control and Hazardous Incidents according to § 29a, and legal aspects of explosion protection according to §§ 14, 15 as well as Annex 4 no. 3.8 of BetrSichV