Air-purifying respirators

Provided the oxygen supply of the ambient atmosphere is sufficient, air-purifying respirators protect their wearer against particles, gases or vapours.

We test and certify the following:

  • Gas and combined filters considering to EN 14387 and DIN 58620
  • Particle filters considering to EN 143
  • Half mask filters considering to EN 149, EN 1827 and EN 405
  • Powered filtering  devices considering to EN 12941 and EN 12942
  • Filter with air-supply hose considering to EN 12083

We also inspect whether respirator filters comply with the following:

  • vfdb Directive 0802 (selection of respirators for fire brigade operations)
  • ASG Recommendations (recommendations of respirators to be used in mining)
  • Technical Directive for modular systems – safety helmet, headset, breathing connection and filters – for the police