Head protection

Head protection

Head injuries are often of serious nature and can have long-term consequences. Therefore wearing sufficient head protection is indispensable when facing such hazards, i.e. protection has to comply with safety-relevant and ergonomic aspects.

We test and certify:

  • Helmets for fire-fighters considering to EN 443
  • Bump caps for industrial use considering to EN 812

We also inspect whether helmets comply with the following:

  • Technical Directive for modular systems – safety helmet, headset, breathing connection and filters – for the police

Depending on their application even artificially aged helmets will be submitted to the following tests:

  • Mechanical tests: shock absorbance, and resistance to both penetration and mechanical deformation
  • Thermal tests: resistance to radiated heat, temperature resistance, resistance to flame (flame engulfment test)
  • Electrical properties
  • Resistance to chemicals (corrosion)
  • Ergonomic tests: measuring field of vision and wearing comfort