Gas detectors for commercial and industrial applications

Gas detectors for commercial and industrial applications help to protect people and asset values from gas hazards such as:

  • Explosion hazards caused by flammable gases and vapours
  • Health risks caused by lack of oxygen
  • Health risks caused by toxic gases and vapours

Gas detectors which have passed a type examination of their measuring function guarantee that they will perform their intended task under foreseeable operating conditions.

We test and certify considering to:

  • EN 60079-29-1
  • EN 50104
  • Series EN 45544
  • EN 50271
  • EN 50402

We also help on questions of how to use gas detectors:

  • Appropriate adjustment, e.g. when monitoring solvents at dryers considering to EN 1539
  • Cases of application where special requirements apply to gas detectors which are not covered by the standards of the type examination
  • Applying the regulations on the maintenance of gas detectors such as EN 60079-29-2 and leaflets T 021 (BGI 836) und T 023 (BGI 518)