Mining equipment

We test and certify the following mining equipment according to Annex IV of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Hydraulic longwall mining, consisting of
    - Steelwork (EN 1804-1)
    - Support and cylinders (EN 1804-2)
    - Hydraulic valves and control units (EN 1804-3)
    - Electro-hydraulic control units
  • Locomotives and brake vans
  • Monorail suspension tracks
  • Underground railways

We also inspect whether machinery complies with the following:

  • Directives issued by the regional government in Arnsberg, Dept. 6, Mining and Energy in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Specifications set by either the manufacturer or the operator of the equipment for which we conduct the following:
    - Functional test
    - Test of usage properties
    - Durability test
    - Damage inspection
    - Expert opinions and
    - Document examination.

If your machinery has to comply with several European Directives, we are able to offer an all-in-one solution, i.e. a combined service of testing and certifying according to those directives, mainly the ones listed below:

  • Machinery according to Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Personal protective equipment according to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to Directive 2004/108/EC