Testing of electrical measuring, control, regulating and laboratory equipment

Testing of safety requirements according to EN 61010

Electrical measuring, control and laboratory equipment must be safe to handle by the user. DEKRA creates safety not only on the road, but also in industry and households, which is why DEKRA also focuses on the safe functioning and safe use of electrical equipment, which falls under EN 61010. Here DEKRA checks all safety aspects, such as hazards from electric shock or burns, mechanical hazards, excessive temperature, the effect of liquids and liquid pressure as well as radiation or gases released. DEKRA also checks conformity with the relevant EC directives such as the Low Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive and, more recently, the RED Directive.

  • Electrical testing and measuring equipment
  • Electrical control and regulating devices for process control technology
  • Electrical laboratory equipment

DEKRA, we ensure safety!